Is Your Church Website Ready for Easter?

is your church website ready for easter?


Church website? Probably not on your radar. For the average Christian, the week leading up to easter involves some preparations (buying the kids Sunday outfits, preparing food, hiding colorful eggs, etc.). But if you are a pastor or work at a church, it means a different kind of preparation entirely. Sermon prep, stage design, lighting and sound, children’s choir, banners and decorations, the list can go on and on! Resurrection Sunday is sometimes referred to as the “Super Bowl” for churches. Many people visit church twice a year, and Easter is one of those days. Now, I don’t want to add to the long to-do lists of church teams and their poor, tired red eyes.. but there might be something that slipped their list..

Is your church website ready for Easter?

I know. It slipped your mind. It fell out of the back of your head when you were in the church storage room rummaging through Roman Centurion costumes and decade-old bins of tootsie rolls (5 year rule… right?). But here’s the deal: It’s important. Why? Because gorgeous stage designs and powerful sermon illustrations don’t mean anything if people can’t find the building. So here’s just a few tiny things to put on that Easter to-do list:

1. Make Sure You Have a Website [and a good one, too.]

A study in 2012 by digital church guru Justin Wise showed that 46% of people surveyed said that a church website was somewhat to very important in their decision to visit that church. In the authors words: ” If a church can’t be Googled, it doesn’t exist. Most users don’t go past first page of search results.” If you don’t have a website, or if it’s as old as that tomb set piece that your great uncle Mort built for the passion play, maybe it’s time to redesign. Probably can’t knock it out by Easter, but we’ve still got you covered.

2. Throw Your Easter Artwork On the Website.

Most likely you’ve got a sermon slide or banner or something drawn up for Easter. But is it on your website? Updating your site with fresh, time sensitive content is a huge part of a successful church website. It shows people visiting your site that there’s something special happening for Easter. It builds anticipation and excitement. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 11 examples.

3. Make Your Site a Place To Connect After Easter Sunday.

Any thriving church is going to have one goal for Sunday: The gospel being preached and lives being changed by Jesus Christ. Once people make that decision, they’re going to need next steps and ways to engage with your ministries. Does your site have rich info on your discipleship ministries? Youth and children’s church? Small groups? Recovery ministry? If these things are locked and loaded, informing people who made decisions for Christ can be as easy as saying “visit the website!”

The ultimate success in an Easter weekend is seeing the gospel preached. At Tentmaker Web and Media, we’re passionate about just that. We want to help tell your story well on the web. Click here to find out more.

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