3 Church Website Disasters to Avoid

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Think disaster is an extreme word to use about your church website? Think again.  One recent study found that 17 million Americans who aren’t regular church goers visit a church website each year. Ready to think about avoiding the website doomsday? Check out these three church website disasters you MUST avoid:

1. A Church Website That’s Outdated or Poorly Built.

A church website is your digital front door. in other words, today’s curious clickers are like yesterday’s
drive-by inquisitors. An outdated or poorly built website is like driving by a dirty, rusted, broken down building with boards over the windows and dead plants in the front. Does your website look warm and inviting? Or does it look like the last person who updated it dialed in from AOL on their dusty old PC running Windows 95? A website that is well designed, looks professional and that is updated often builds trust and credibility to it’s visitors. It engages them and makes them want to know more.

2. A Church Website With Wrong, Missing or Old Info

Ever been on a blind date with someone that looked stunning, only to find through conversation that there wasn’t much else going on? If your website passes the first test, but doesn’t have useful information (or information that’s old) is still a disaster. What’s even worse than information is no inform
ation at all! The average visit to a church website consists of 2.6 clicksIf it takes your visitor longer than that to find basic information like location/times, beliefs, what to expect, etc. then your lack of information might be a disaster.

3. A Church Website That Lacks Ways to Engage People

A church website that looked gorgeous and had all the right info might have been enough 10 years ago. Today, the world has gone mobile, and people thrive on features that let them stay connected. For churches, it’s never been easier to record and upload your sermons online. Also, social media has become a powerful tool to keep your message in front of people’s eyes during the week. A website lacking such rich content is missing out on so many opportunities to connect with people that it is (you guessed it)a disaster!

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