3 Reasons Why You Need a Great Website Now.


In a world where Google searches reign supreme and phone books are chucked in the garbage (somehow we all still get them), it’s clear that the internet is where people go to get their information. It’s no exaggeration then that your website is your new front door. So the question is, how does it look? Does it have a nice inviting wreath on the door, or scary looking cobwebs from years of neglect? Is it painted a cute color like your grandma’s door, or is it boarded up and impossible to get in? If you’re not convinced by the sheer volume of people using the web for information, here’s 3 big reasons you need a new website for your church like, yesterday.

1. Your old site is actually keeping people away.

People are much more cautious about trying anything new these days, let alone visit a church where they drop their kids in a room with strangers, sit in a room with other strangers and listen to stranger talk about Jesus for 30 minutes. They like to be prepared. When a potential visitor to your church pulls up some 10 year old monstrosity (which looks even WORSE if they pull it up on their smartphone) that can be enough incentive for some people to go ahead and keep looking. A website that’s professional, inviting and informative makes people feel at ease and even draws interest in actually pulling into the lot on Sunday Morning.

2. Your old site doesn’t really tell people anything.

The emphasis here is on the REALLY. “Well we have our service times on there.” Really? Is it really easy to find? Like first 10-15 seconds easy to find? People want to know where you are located and what time they should be there. Gone are the days where you can just say “take highway 26 to exit 48 and turn left at the giant red barn”. A site with an address and Google Maps right on the page makes a huge difference for visitors. Information on childcare and youth ministries lets parents feel reassured. And a sermon series graphic actually lets people feel like they know what’s coming next (and that you’ve updated the thing in the last decade).

3. Your old site doesn’t tell your church’s story well.

One big misconception about websites is that they aren’t just tools to provide information; they are a platform to communicate something about yourself. It’s a chance to tell your story. Who are you as a ministry? What is your passion for your city/community? What’s important to you?

A great church website is like a conversation where you sit down with it and let it tell you something about itself. The real question is, what story is your website telling?