3 Ways To Use Social Media to Re-Preach Your Message.



Your sermon is by far one of the most crucial parts of your service. By the time Sunday morning has rolled around, you’ve already poured hours of blood, sweat, tears (and coffee) into preparing that message. you’ve studied scripture, come up with illustrations, and whittled your info down to the most crucial points (you’ve even managed to alliterate your bullet points). But what happens after Sunday? When your people walk away from the pews and walk into 9-to-5’s, screaming toddlers and hectic schedules? This is where your social media pages and your website can work together to really take your message further than ever. Remember, Your website is not an electronic bulletin; it’s a platform for your vision. Here’s 3 ways to make your social media page work for you.

Post a Link to Sermon Audio/Video for Listening

By the middle of the week, it can seem like that amazing message from Sunday is a million miles away amidst demanding schedules, bills and other stressful situations. Posting the sermon so people can listen to it on their lunch break, during nap time or at the gym lets people connect with that message you worked so hard to prepare. If your website doesn’t have a spot for you to post audio or video, it might be time for a redesign. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

Post Quotes From the Sermon for Easy Sharing

If you’ve done the hard work of preparing a great sermon, chances are you’ve already got a few short, memorable phrases that will stick in people’s minds when they walk out the door. However, chances are that by Monday afternoon those phrases have already fallen out the back of their heads. Sharing a graphic with a quote or a scripture via social media is a great way to bring those phrases back to the front of your congregation’s memory. Around here, we’re a big fan of Adobe Post, which lets you create these sorts of things on the fly.

Post Archives for Later Access

So maybe what you preached on didn’t impact some people so much. That doesn’t mean that it won’t ever benefit them. Sometimes the word you need to hear is from a sermon preached awhile ago. Instead of digging through an old notebook or wishing they weren’t falling asleep in church that day, your people can easily pull up that archived sermon for later listening. Submitting your audio to iTunes in podcast form can also be helpful for people to digest later. It’s also a good idea to post a link to your sermon archives on social media every once in awhile, just so people know that it’s their for them.

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