Why Social Media Matters to Your Church

Why social media matters


When it comes to a social media page, a pastor might be tempted to think it’s a waste of time, since when it comes to carrying the vision of a church, there’s never a shortage of things to be done. But you might want to think again. In fact, I would argue that a quality social media campaign might be one of THE most effective ways you can communicate as a church.

Social Media Keeps People Connected

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are integrated into our lives. Hundreds of millions of people around the world engage with social media daily. It’s on our mobile phones, tablets and computers Social media is always in our pocket, on our desktop workspace (and even strapped to our wrists).. Whether people are at work, taking the kids to school, sitting in class at college or relaxing at home, they’re always checking for the latest posts and updates.

When you see the sheer amount of people that are so integrated with social media, it becomes clear that connecting with people in this way could have huge impact in spreading the gospel and getting your vision out there. In the past, pastors had 30 minutes to get their message across to people sitting in pews. Now, you can take that same message and refresh it in the minds of your congregation as they are running after toddlers, wrangling with the grind of a demanding job, shuffling through homework or sitting at home.

Social Media Keeps the Message Out In Front

Keeping the message of life in front of your people can be as simple as taking a few quotes or scriptures from your sermon on Sunday and posting them throughout the week. Insert it into a dynamic looking graphic to make it easy for people to share (Adobe has an app that will let you make these for free). You can take it a step further by throwing up a link to sermon audio or video so that people can get a refresher on their lunch break or morning commute. Instead of one opportunity to communicate on Sunday, you now have several different points of contact where people can access the word of God that you’ve brought forth in your message.

Remember; connected people carry vision. The more people feel connected to your church, your vision and your message, the more the vision will spread and grow. That’s why at TMW we say your website (or in this case social media page) isn’t an online bulletin. It’s a platform for your vision. The question is, are you using your platform to it’s greatest potential?

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